Body Zorbing In New Zeeland

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Me and my friends had planned this trip to New Zealand for a very long time. We were going to do all kinds of extreme sports that New Zealand has available for all its tourists. But one of the sports that caught our interest long ago was zorbing.

One has to take into account the fact that zorbing is practically the main sport, but there are other sports and activities derived from it. One of the activities that derive from zorbing is body ZORBING, which is similar in terms that it still uses these giant inflatable balls, but in a different way.

In body zorbing you get to wear the giant inflatable ball rather than right inside it. The plastic balls using body ZORBING are smaller, maybe around 1 m in diameter, but they still have the structure of the normal zorbs. So body zorbs also have an air cushion created between two inflatable concentric balls which are links to each other with nylon threads, hundreds of them. Once you inflate this air cushion you create a body zorb. This inflatable ball has harness that you use the strap yourself in.

This way you use the body zorb to cover your upper body or your torso. Once you are equipped like this you’re set to try any body zorbing activities you like.

There are many body zorbing activities. The first one that comes in mind is body-zorbing-football. It is the most widespread activity or sport. It entails you getting inside your inflatable plastic ball, strapping yourself tightly in and secure, holding the inner handles of the body zorb, and while doing all this, running like a fool on the football field trying to catch a football and to score it inside the opponent’s goal. Many times and he tried to sport you end up just running around and falling a lot. But the body zorb prevents you from taking any damage when you fall. It’s actually more fun to fall and tumble around inside your giant plastic ball, rather than pay the actual game. I’ve seen many people trying to go body zorbing and ending up just bumping into one another on purpose just fall and tumble.

It must be hilarious and so me and my friends decided that since New Zealand is the birthplace of zorbing we should definitely try it but also try body-zorbing as well. This video shows what body zorbing looks like, check it out to see for yourself:

But the fun when practicing bodyzorbing doesn’t end there. You can also get your friends to play body zorbing bowling. A few people would get to wear these inflatable balls and just stand still in a predefined formation. Then someone else who is inside a body zorb will try to gain speed and run towards the first group of people, trying to bump into them in many of them on the ground as he can, this way scoring points. I think this one is a very fun body zorbing scenario that me and my friends are going to try out.

Last but not least another one comes into mind when saying body zorbing. I am thinking of course of body zorb sumo. In this scenario you get to go versus your adversary while being inside a circle drone on the ground. While wearing your inflatable plastic ball costumes you run at each other trying to bump into each other and pushed opponent out of the ring. It’s pretty fun and safe due to the fact that the body zorbing balls act as a protective suit that prevents any damage or harm from you when you fall around and tumble.

I’m definitely looking forward to get to New Zealand with my friends and to try out all these body zorbing related atctivities.